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P1 Digital meter simulator

The P1 simulator is designed for the system integrator who wants to test his PROSOFT – P1 configuration. This simulator device is temporarily connected to the TDS12340BE P1 interface (instead of the digital meter).

Important: The “P1” port standard and the TDS12340BE smart meter interface is for Belgian and The Netherlands smart meters only.

At the other side, the simulator is connected to a MS Windows PC and runs a specific TELETASK P1 simulator software. In this way, the system integrator can enter a simulated consumption or injection on the PC and send it to the P1 interface. You can follow the actions taken by the TDS installation in the PROSOFT- diagnostics menu and see if this is what is expected to happen.

More information about the configuration on teletask professional

dots Specifications
Order Reference TDS20640BE
Dimensions 100 L x 59 W x 23 H (mm) excluding cable
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Datasheet TDS20640BE