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PROSOFT is the main software package to configure a TELETASK home automation installation. In PROSOFT you will define all interfaces and the relations between them.

After entering the hardware components of the system and configuring the settings, the relations can be defined and additional moods, timers, etc. can be created. The software suite is multi-lingual, including English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian, Chinese, etc.
PROSOFT is free-of-charge and can be downloaded by professionals from the website.


Let's take a closer look

PROSOFT is a software Suite for the configuration of TELETASK Home Automation systems. The first menu, PROSOFT, contains most of the configuration settings.

TIMESOFT is an electronic calendar used to configure clock-based actions.

CARDSOFT is used to configure users for the access control system and TELETASK Cloud applications.

GUISOFT is the configuration tool for ‘GUI’ PC-based and mobile device-based touch screen applications.

AV-SOFT contains the necessary tool to set up an integration with Audio (streaming) systems.

DALISOFT is a DALI-driver configuration tool.

At the end of the list, there is VOICESOFT for voice control settings. You will need to use VOICESOFT to make the TELETASK system integrate with smart assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Due to the default Ethernet-IP connection on all TELETASK DoIP central units, a connection between the MS Windows running PC and the LAN is obvious. Domotics over IP (DoIP) makes new services and comfort available wherever you like. PROSOFT can be run locally at the project (over LAN) but also remotely over LAN/WAN in combination with a secure connection via the REMOTE SERVICES subscription. It needs a limited yearly fee and offers the most efficient support to the end-user.


Easy to use and extremely powerful

The TELETASK configuration tools are based on an exclusive concept which joins together ‘ease-of-use’ and is extremely powerful. The PROSOFT graphical user interface is far away from complex software languages used to ‘program’ intelligent systems. The graphical approach makes PROSOFT much easier and faster to learn.

During the lifetime of a system, the configuration may need changes. PROSOFT is also the perfect tool for that. A detailed step by step on-line Technical Handbook is available and training movies for system integrators are available as well (TTschool training movies, find more information on the web page for Professionals).

The configuration of a TELETASK system can be done offline. The PC is not to be connected to a working system, which offers full flexibility before, during and after installation. As soon as you are ready, the connection of the PC to the home automation system can be done on site over LAN (Ethernet or Wifi) or from a remote site via the REMOTE SERVICES subscription. Once the home automation system is installed and configured, the system integrator is able to offer all required maintenance services online without leaving his office desk.

Making changes and adding software functionalities over the internet is much faster and cheaper than traditional systems without DoIP remote service facilities.



PROSOFT also contains full system diagnostics software which, again, can be run locally or from a remote site. Checking the behaviour of all connected interfaces and their functions, gives an overview of the full installation. In a startup phase this tool is very useful for the integrator to find wiring and configuration errors very quickly. If run from a remote site, the integrator can detect all possible issues without traveling. Fast and price effective.



TIMESOFT is used to manage clock actions. Just add the desired action at the necessary clock position of the on-screen calendar.



With CARDSOFT, you manage all access control functionalities. Who is allowed to enter when and can activate which functions… The cleaning person can only enter in the morning between x and y, etc…



For more information, please refer to the GUI, Audio and Voice control leaflets and the technical handbook.



For easy addressing of DALI drivers.



After finalizing all configuration settings, a detailed report is generated automatically to be printed or saved as PDF. This document is the perfect communication tool for the people living in the concerned house, flat or building. By using this report, they will learn all the details of the obtained TELETASK solution. It is also the best project tool for the commissioning of the installation.



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