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Control Tower: Master and Client licenses


Building management for smart projects and smart villages

TELETASK “CONTROL TOWER” is the perfect solution for managing and safeguarding multiple buildings, houses, flats, offices, shops, showrooms, service flats, hotel rooms, etc… from a central location. This contains safeguarding of technical alarms and the control of all available integrated home- and building automation features. In other words, CONTROL TOWER enables you to offer additional services to the people living or working in the connected buildings.

You can remotely manage heating/cooling, lighting, access and an almost unlimited list of parameters to monitor (energy, temperature, level, service requests…). ‘CONTROL TOWER’ software in combination with DoIP (Domotics over IP), is about the most powerful, state-of-the-art and price effective way to manage a network of buildings, shops or hotel rooms.

An application example

A PC operator can manage a chain of shops or a group of residences 24/24 and 7/7 from one or more locations. When an exception or alarm occurs, the operator is noticed. A voice message is also given together with a detailed alarm description and a related action description. After taking the necessary actions, the alarm situation can be reset. All actions are logged into the CONTROL TOWER (PC) memory for later use. The operator can also check the concerned building by selecting it on the screen map and have an overview of all available individual information and controls. He can change temperature settings, switch, dim, open/close doors and gates, check the electrical boards, view camera’s in the street, on driveways, etc…

Besides the main alarm screen, the operator can check topic related overview screens. Check if the connected shops are open or close or any comparable status information can be used in a customized overview. On the country map, the operator can check the general status of the connected houses, shops, rooms, B&B’s, … For example, ½ hour before office time, CONTROL TOWER can show an alarm on not-yet (late) opening of a shop. Or DoIP can change the temperature settings in the connected buildings at a predefined time or when arming the security system. When the alarm system is not activated after closing time, the operator gets a message… When CONTROL TOWER is managing service flats for elderly or disabled people, the operator has an area map instead of a country map. In case of a hotel, the overview shows all rooms with their additional status information. The different service departments can have their own dedicated screens, like f.i. laundry service requests, ‘do not disturb’ information, cleaning people location or any other room service status map.

What if power supply or internet connection fails?

CONTROL TOWER safeguards the individual power supply in all connected houses and buildings. For specific reasons a UPS system can be installed in the individual buildings. But CONTROL TOWER continuously monitors the WAN(IP) connection of all buildings anyhow. In case of power failure or any other IP-connection interruption, the operator will be informed immediately. A TELETASK DoIP system can also send SMS and E-mail messages, independent from CONTROL TOWER operation. This means that the different intelligent functions work in parallel and the customers safety and comfort is not only limited to the reliability of a CONTROL TOWER operator.

Smart metering - Energy management

Smart meters are easily integrated with the TELETASK system. The operator can check energy parameters, power Voltage, Current, consumption (kWh), power factor, history information and graphics of all connected buildings and with or without local (green) energy generating facilities. It includes electricity, energy, water and gas smart meter information. This way, CONTROL TOWER can also be used for energy invoicing information at one central location for real-time energy readout (f.i. day-to-day renting services).

DoIP includes by default a range of full energy management features. Overload management, energy balancing and priority management based on energy supply and consumption is default within DoIP.


Additional integration of overview cameras of the smart village can be connected over the IP(WAN) network. Integrated street-, gate- or drive way camera’s make the solution even more attractive.

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