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Why we moved from iSGUI to ATMOS

We frequently receive questions about the reasons for transitioning from the iSGUI license-based app to the ATMOS subscription-based app. The following list is designed to assist system integrators in explaining the various aspects to end-users.

  • Our most important reason to switch: ATMOS is a 64-bit app, while iSGUI is 32bit. More and more mobile devices stopped supporting 32 bit, so iSGUI cannot longer be installed on these new devices.
  • Customers regularly receive ATMOS upgrades (online).
  • ATMOS has a more detailed and easy to use menu with extended features.
  • ATMOS controls and manages all functions of an integrated home automation system, such as lights, curtains, shades, HVAC, fans, doors, gates, camera’s, audio, garden sprinklers, energy , etc….
  • Regularly, more and new features are added (custom icon setting is coming next).
  • ATMOS is one app for all instead of having multiple apps for different systems.
  • ATMOS can be used worldwide.
  • ATMOS can be used both locally and remotely. If used remotely, it communicates via Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G, and this is done over a secured TELETASK Cloud connection only (no VPN needed). 
  • Adjust individual application preferences: choose your preferred color theme, room name sorting, adding favorites on your dashboard, sorting your favorites according to your needs.
  • Immediately usable, always connected. Only at first use, a connection time of a few seconds is needed.
  • Extreme low data use.
  • Very user friendly. Can be used by children up to grandparents and employees.
  • Can be used from small, single installations up to multiple and large installations.
  • Fast scrolling between cameras’
  • New TELETASK installations work with ATMOS. iSGUI is obsolete.
  • Low entry cost. No full license is needed. ATMOS works with a yearly renewable subscription (SaaS model). 3, 5 and 10 years subscriptions are also available.
    Temporary free of charge upgrade from iSGUI to ATMOS if your installation is recently installed (2020 or later).