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Why interior architect Arjaan De Feyter choses TELETASK

Renowned Belgian interior architect Arjaan De Feyter has been using TELETASK domotics in his projects for many years, ever since his main installer, Dirk Jordens, turned him onto the home automation brand. “I prefer TELETASK when it comes to modern, high-end projects. And in fact, I’m such a fan that I’ve even installed it in my own office and home.”


Interior Arjaan De Feyter Photography Piet-Albert Goethals


How long have you been working with TELETASK smart home automation ? How has your experience been so far ?

Arjaan: “I’ve been working with TELETASK domotics for about 20 years now. In fact, it was Dirk Jordens, my main electrical contractor, who introduced me to the TELETASK home automation solutions. The simplicity and usability they offer to the end user, added value for my projects and the great user experience convinced me.”


Why do you prefer TELETASK ?

Arjaan: “Because it’s a high-end yet affordable domotics system. It’s a comprehensive system that is easily updated or extended, which makes it future-proof. The fact that most of those updates are free of charge really stands out to me.


Arjaan De Feyter Photography Piet-Albert Goethals


“The TELETASK system can be easily upgraded and most of the upgrades are free of charge.”

-Arjaan De Feyter, interior architect


Dirk: “I have to agree: TELETASK is “smart domotics, made simple”. A lot of people see home automation as something very complex, but there is no need for that. The goal is to seamlessly create better living conditions without the end user actually realizing what’s behind it all.”


Arjaan: “Exactly. As an end user, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. Domotics is the beating heart of a modern house: it provides control and makes life easier. Take my own home, for example: I’ve installed several ‘moods’ – cooking, watching TV, family time etc. – which I can activate by pressing one button on my smartphone. It’s very convenient! By the way, that phone control was a recent addition to my 15-year-old system, which still works perfectly after all this time.”


Dirk: “Exactly, that’s another benefit of TELETASK: it’s easy to scale up.”


Interior Arjaan De Feyter Photography Piet-Albert Goethals


You have been working together for a long time now. How has your collaboration with TELETASK been ?

Dirk: “Great! It’s an exemplary Belgian brand in the way that not only is the product of high quality, but so is the customer service. As an installer, the communication lines with distributor Stagobel are quite direct. If I run into any challenges, all I have to do is pick up the phone or send an e-mail to my contact person. This allows me to offer solid guarantees to my customers as well.


“Thanks to a smooth communication between distributor Stagobel and TELETASK, I can offer solid guarantees to my own customers.”

-Dirk Jordens, electrical contractor/system integrator


“The relationship between distributors, system integrators and TELETASK is mutually beneficial: we can count on them whenever anything pops up, and in return, I help them out as well – by reading in IP codes and adding them to the Stagobel database, for example. It’s also great to see that the people from TELETASK really take the ideas and concerns of system integrators to heart when we see them at events or gatherings. Most often they’re literally taking notes on possible ideas to further finetune their products.”

Arjaan: “As an interior architect, I generally call Dirk for practical advice on home automation. I also find a lot of answers online: TELETASK’s products are really well documented. As a result, I don’t need to contact them often. However, it’s nice to occasionally bump into them at fairs or events – they are always interested in my projects and ready to gather inspiration for potential improvements.”


TELETASK solutions at Arjaan’s office:

  • PICOS central unit
  • AURUS touch panels
  • AURUS TFT touch screen in the reception area


TELETASK solutions at Arjaan’s home:

  • MICROS+ (recent upgrade from MICROS)
  • Dali interface
  • AURUS XL touch panel
  • AURUS touch panels
  • AURUS TFT panel with connection to existing videophone
  • Analog entrance module for temperature control


Interior Arjaan De Feyter Photography Piet-Albert Goethals


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