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TELETASK training movies

A complete set of TELETASK training movies is now available on the TELETASK Professional platform. More than five hours of material is available, split up into more than 20 movies. These movies cover all aspects of the TELETASK Home Automation System.

The training movies are a work of reference to freshen up your knowledge on different subjects and to train new employees for existing system integrators. Every film focuses on one subject such as the central units, the AURUS product family, senors, dimmers, etc. The configuration software PROSOFT also gets covered, split up into multiple parts.

TTSchool already started expanding. A movie about the IP configuration has been added to the basic movies collection. The next chapter for TTSchool will be a set of skilled training movies, which will address more complex subjects. An example of a skilled movie is the extensive dimmer gamma of TELETASK. Other subjects will include HVAC integration or video door phone integration.

TTSchool is available via this website, log into the TELETASK Professional Platform.