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The TELETASK G3 demo case brings your presentations to life

Thanks to the new G3 demo case, you can train yourself and your integration specialists in the wonderful world of TELETASK products. All you have to do is plug this demo tool into an outlet and you can get started right away. That can also be done at a potential customer's home, for example when you want to demonstrate the possibilities and solutions of TELETASK. Convenient, because a live demonstration with this G3 suitcase is clearer and more credible than an extensive technical explanation. In short, as a professional you save valuable time while your potential customer quickly gets a full picture of the possibilities of TELETASK home automation.


Built around the latest DOMUS G3 central unit.

The beating heart of the new G3 demo box is the ultra-compact and powerful TDS10309 DOMUS central unit, with TELETASK DoIP G3* functions on board. This DOMUS central is the newest member in domotics wonderland. To get started, you can also find two AURUS design touch panels, a built-in power supply, Wi-Fi router, an IP camera, an IR remote control and the necessary licenses. This powerful demo case is fourty times more powerful than the previous generation and thus contains a fully operational TELETASK installation that you can show off everywhere. Furthermore, you can count on a 3D drawing of a house with all necessary functions - including a series of push buttons and feedback LEDs. Finally, this new G3 demo flight case stands out in terms of ease of use and is the most compact user experience tool on the market.


G3 demo case, as versatile as it is indispensable:

  • For technical demonstrations and testing of your PROSOFT configurations
  • During commercial presentations at the customer's home
  • In showrooms and at trade shows
  • As practical material during training courses
  • As teaching material in schools
  • As a testplatform (with PROSOFT diagnostics) when a setup is not working optimally

Who is the G3 demo case suitable for?

  • TELETASK distributors
  • System integrators
  • System integrators

The benefits of the G3 demo case are almost limitless

  • To present the possibilities and features of a TELETASK setup
  • To let customers experience themselves how TELETASK domotics can enrich their lives
  • To illustrate how smart devices can be controlled with TELETASK

Use the G3 demo box to showcase the possibilities of a TELETASK system:

  • Energy management
  • Security and safety
  • Style and aesthetics
  • Simplification of home technology control
  • Comfort and cosiness
  • Entertainment, media control, voice control (with connected smart assistant Alexa or Google home)
  • Climate control and air quality
  • Organization and automation


  • Order ref: TDS56409G3
  • Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 223 H mm
  • Weight: 8,1 kg
  • Connections: 110/230VAC power supply (3 meter cable included)
  • LAN: built-in (4G) WIFI router for demo of smartphone and tablet app (ATMOS).


  • TDS10309 DOMUS Central Unit
  • TDS10132 AUTOBUS power supply
  • TDS12503 IR remote control
  • TDS16103 ATMOS Subscription for 3 years
  • TDS15105 GUI+ licence
  • TDS15240 A/V License
  • (4G) WiFi Router (SIM-card not included)
  • IP-camera
  • With a VOICE subscription, so you can also demonstrate voice control.