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TELETASK helps accelerate the energy transition in Flanders and Europe, together with VUB

Recently, Flemish Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation, Flemish Vice president Mrs Hilde Crevits activated the Smart Village Lab near Brussels. This is a scientific testing ground of a unique research and business centre: the Green Energy Park, founded by the VUB university in Brussels and the Brussels University Hospital. In the Smart Village Lab, research is being done on how we can live in a smart, sustainable and energy-efficient way. This is done with the help of TELETASK smart integrated controls, among a series of energy related equipment.

The Smart Village Lab consists of six homes that exchange electrical and thermal energy via a Smart Energy Grid. Also connected to this energy grid are collective energy systems, such as neighbourhood batteries and communal charging infrastructure for electric cars. In the village, researchers can examine how and when to use energy technologies and how they can best function together. The integration of the residential energy management is realised by TELETASK connected with a new digital meter interface which is under final development.


Key role for home automation

Energy-efficient living is, of course, also one of the main advantages of integrated home automation. The Green Energy Park of the VUB and Brussels University Hospital therefore called on TELETASK to make their homes future proof smart. In this way, TELETASK helps researchers find scientifically substantiated answers to the question of how we can realise the energy transition faster in Europe and worldwide. Something we, as a socially responsible company, are only too happy to support. The results of this research program will be implemented by default in new TELETASK hard- and software products. Already in 2022, existing and new customers will be able to update to these new energy management features. 2030 is already coming in your project, early 2022.