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Stunning family apartment with human-centric lighting (HCL)

In this article, we take you on a virtual tour of a small but stunning smart apartment that has been fitted with TELETASK home automation solutions for added comfort. What’s so special about this impressive apartment is that it uses human-centric lighting (HCL) to enhance its residents’ sense of wellbeing.


Minimalism with playful colour accents

The 126 m²-family apartment features a modern open-plan kitchen and living room fitted with elegant furnishings, two bedrooms - one for the parents and one for their child - and a creativity room for (school) work, hobbies, and other projects. Throughout the entire flat, minimalism and playful accents of colour go hand in hand, creating a peaceful yet personal interior.



Up-to-date comfort

TELETASK integrations include climate-controlled radiators, floor heating and air conditioning, water leak protection, and lighting control. There is an AURUS-4 TEMP touch panel in each bedroom and the creativity room and an OPUS touch screen in the living room. The entire apartment’s lighting can be controlled from both screens, as well as from the TELETASK application on a smartphone or other mobile device.


Innovative lighting control

What is so extraordinary about this smart home is its sophisticated lighting control system by TELETASK. There are 26 lighting groups in the unit, eight of which use biodynamic control, more commonly known as human-centric lighting or HCL.

Human-centric lighting reinforces our biological inner clock, called the circadian rhythm, enhancing our cognitive skills and sense of wellbeing.

In other words, the light control used in this flat ensures the right light at the right time, helping its residents sleep, work, and feel better.

This is done mainly by adjusting the time cycles for the light intensity and colour temperature to mimic the rhythms of natural light. As we all know, natural light has a huge impact on factors like your mood, energy levels, and productivity, and it can even decrease your chances of getting depression.

To install biodynamic lighting in this beautiful family home, the system integrator used the TDS13621 interface combined with LED lights with DALI-2 compatible drivers. With conventional electrics, adding biodynamic lighting features would have added complexity to the project, such as more power dimmers and cables. But thanks to TELETASK’s intelligent control panels and the DALI interface approach, the amount of cabling – and labour – remained very low!



What’s been installed in the apartment?

The following TELETASK products and services have been installed:

  • The OPUS 7” central control touch screen with built-in VoIP indoor video door phone station
  • 3 AURUS-4 TEMP touch panels
  • The TELETASK app for smartphone control
  • The MICROS+ central unit
  • DALI interface TDS13621
  • Temperature, light, and water (leak) sensors



Are you interested in learning more about human-centric lighting and how TELETASK can help you achieve this type of lighting in your smart house, apartment, or office building? Get in touch with your local distributor to find out more.