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NEW: make your own "Personal Moods" in ATMOS

With the latest update of the ATMOS app, you can now create personalized moods on your mobile devices and PC. These "Personal Moods" allow you to set up to 20 actions that are triggered simultaneously when you press a specific button on your ATMOS dashboard (favorites screen).

We call them 'personal' because these moods are created directly on your mobile device and are only visible and usable on that device (smartphone, tablet, or PC). This means you can craft your "Personal Moods" independently, without needing assistance from your system integrator.

Effortlessly create your perfect atmosphere with "Personal Moods"

Imagine you enjoy reading books in the living room with a specific light brightness and warmth, accompanied by music. Or, during the warmer summer months, you like to sit outside in the evening with certain garden lights and wall sockets activated. By creating a mood, you can automate these settings, so all it takes is one push of a button to set the perfect atmosphere.

"Personal Moods" are especially useful for automatically activating specific settings that are not provided by your system integrator, allowing you to make adjustments without needing to call them. Additionally, these moods are easy to modify yourself, making it convenient to adapt to changing situations.

How to access "Personal Moods"

"Personal Moods" are accessible at the top of your ATMOS dashboard (main screen). You can reach this screen by clicking the star icon at the bottom of your display.

"Personal moods" can include up to 20 items, made from the following type of actions:

  • Turning a device or light circuit on or off
  • Dimming a light circuit
  • Setting the color of a multi-color light circuit
  • Adjusting a tunable white light circuit to a specific white (°K) and dim level
  • Setting a room temperature and controlling zones on/off
  • Adjusting motorised curtains, shades, and shutters to a specific position (open, close, or any level in between)

A personal mood is not reversible, but you can create another personal mood to reverse the actions if needed. For example, one personal mood can set the living room lights, while another can turn them all off.

"Personal moods" versus "Favorites"

The "Favorites" cards and the "Personal Mood" cards are not the same thing. We explain the difference:

  • "Standard Favorites" are pre-defined actions, made by the system integrator. They can contain about anything, including moods. You can add this type of card to the favorites screen, but only your system integrator can modify its content.
  • On the other hand, "Personal moods" are defined by the owner of the mobile device and the content of it can be changed any time you like. They are limited in number (maximum 10), and not all types of functions can be added to a personal mood. However, this is not a significant limitation since all essential functions are available (see list above).

Frequently asked questions

We've summarized a few key points of information here:

  • Remote Accessibility: Your "Personal Moods" work at home and remotely, as long as you have a Wi-Fi or data internet connection.
  • Included with Subscription: This new feature is included with your ATMOS subscription at no extra cost.
  • Multiple Users: "Personal Moods" are linked to a specific device, so your partner and children can create their own "Personal Moods" on their individual devices.
  • Device-specific: "Personal Moods" are stored only on the device where they are created and are not memorised in the TELETASK system. Therefore, you will not see your "Personal Moods" on other devices or if you buy a new smartphone.
  • No PROSOFT (for professionals) is required: You do not need to use the PROSOFT software to configure "Personal Moods". You create, modify, and delete personal moods directly on your smartphone.
  • Not Stored in Main Configuration: "Personal Moods" are not stored in the main configuration file of your TELETASK installation.
  • Battery Discharge: You will not lose your personal moods if your smartphone battery is completely discharged. The settings are stored in the non-volatile memory of your phone or tablet.
  • OS Updates: You will not lose your personal moods after an iOS or Android update, they remain in the memory.
  • ATMOS Software Upgrades: You also will not lose your personal moods after an ATMOS software upgrade, they remain in the memory.
  • Capacity: You can create up to 10 personal moods.
  • Action Limit: Each personal mood can contain up to 20 actions.
  • Editing: You can always change and delete your personal moods.
  • Sorting: You can rearrange your personal moods by long-clicking on a card, sliding it to the desired position, and releasing your finger to drop it. This is the same system used for sorting the standard favorites cards.

For more technical details, please visit the professional section of the TELETASK website. We recommend contacting your system integrator with any questions. This upgrade is included in your ATMOS subscription, though a support fee to your system integrator may apply.