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TELETASK launches simple HVAC and A/V control

To integrate small HVAC split units (AC and heat pumps), TELETASK introduces the IR-COOKIE on the home automation market. The IR-COOKIE is a learnable IR transmitter that can simulate the IR signal of a remote control. It is brand independent which means it is compatible with almost any brand. It is connected to the AUTOBUS.

Configuration and learning the IR codes is done in PROSOFT. The learned IR codes are saved automatically to a library which the installer can re-use. 

The HVAC split units are controllable using standard push buttons, TELETASK touch panels, touch screens etc., through the IR COOKIE. This solution fits perfectly for apartments and homes with one or more indoor HVAC units. Controls such as ‘ON, 21°C, slow speed’ or ‘AC OFF’ can easily be added to a mood such as ‘arriving home’ or ‘going to sleep’. For each unit you want to control, one IR-COOKIE is needed.

The IR-COOKIE can also be used for Audio/Video integration (receiver, TV, set-top box, satellite receiver etc.)


Order reference: TDS14065

Available as of March 2017