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Create the right restaurant mood

If you want the right mood in a restaurant to optimize the turnover, you can create it with the right furnishings, atmospheric music, and appropriate lighting. Customise the light's colour temperature and intensity for every moment of the day with Tunable White control by TELETASK.

This function, available both on TELETASK touch screens and via the smartphone/tablet app, combines two dimmers. With these dimmers, the ‘maitre d' hotel’ determines the lighting colour temperature, how warm or cold the light feels (expressed in degrees kelvin). Secondly, he also chooses the intensity. Either these two settings are entered manually or fixed in scenarios that can start automatically at the appropriate time, based on clock time or Astro (external light) intensity. What different atmospheres can a restaurant owner create with this?


The right atmosphere for every moment of the day

At lunch time, it is often recommended to create a more formal atmosphere, so that the guests spend less time at the table and several services per table can be realised. It means high intensity cold light, e.g., at 5000 to 6000 Kelvin.

During the first (early) service in the evening, he may still want a fairly cold and bright light. That way, the first visitors don't stay too long, and the maitre d' hotel can welcome more guests at the same table later on. With the second or third shift, the maitre d' hotel may want to make the atmosphere more cosy. He can make the light warmer (e.g., 3000 Kelvin) and partially dim it.


Increased profitability

In other words, with the Tunable White function, a restaurant owner creates the most appropriate mood better than ever before, to influence the length of the customers' visit, and thus to get a better return on his investment. Tunable White has been present in the TELETASK automation system for years, available for your next restaurant project.