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Master decorator Pieter Porters never uses a computer, but is big fan of user-friendly home automation

Pieter Porters' showroom is a feast for the eyes. Its classic and opulent interior is warm and cosy. With an integrated home automation system by TELETASK, he easily creates the right atmosphere for every moment.

A house like a Wunderkammer

The showroom of House of Porters, Pieter Porters' business, is what they call a “castle villa”. It is indeed a building that exudes old grandeur. Although it was built recently, the use of old construction materials and the traditional country house look, give the impression that it has always been there. When Porters moved his well-known showroom in Antwerp City to this stately home in Schilde, the successful interior designer completely restyled the interior. As a result, visitors are immersed in a warm, homely atmosphere full of special finds - Pieter Porters' calling card.

Cosy home feeling

‘We welcome clients and future clients here to show them the style we can create for them,’ he says. ‘They can also stay over because this really is a living home - not a typical showroom without water coming out of the tap. For me, creating the feeling of home is very important. My clients, too, want their guests to feel comfortable when they come over to their place.’

Surrendered to the convenience of home automation

Porters loves timeless classic, eclectic and sometimes a bit theatrical interiors, but he certainly likes user-friendliness too. For instance, he prefers to use washable seat fabrics. This same focus on user-friendliness made him give in to fully integrated home automation.

'I am not a technology fan at all,' he confesses. ‘I have never used a computer or sent an e-mail in my life and I wouldn't even know how to do it. I can't even switch on the TV at home. And yet I chose home automation, although I was originally reluctant to do so. I think many systems are too complicated and difficult to work with, they quickly become outdated and no longer offer new components, or they are unreliable and cause the gate to open when you want to turn on the light. These were all things I feared. With TELETASK, which I discovered through customers and was recommended to me by my installer Ecolectric, those fears proved unfounded. The TELETASK system continues to consistently build, and grow, on the same basis, it is a very solid system and also extremely user-friendly.’

Gold-coloured control panels

The installer equipped the entire showroom with gold-coloured AURUS-OLED touch panels and AURUS-2 SENSE motion sensors with two control buttons. The solid glass front plate, with back-printed ceramics with 18 carat gold particles, came from heavon. These control all integrated functions. The lighting, music system, solar screens, alarm system, entrance gate, air conditioning, heating ... Everything was integrated with this home automation system. On the technical side, beside of the touch panels and touch screens (three are OPUS), there are interfaces like the TDS12117 input interface, TDS13510 relay interface, and TDS13644 power dimmers.

Perfectly configured scenes

‘We connected as many functions as possible to TELETASK so that everything is combined in one system and we minimise the number of different control panels we have to use,’ explains Pieter Porters. ‘The result is great: With one click, I can now easily create the right scenes in the entire villa. We did think very thoroughly beforehand about the different settings and light scenes. We consulted the experienced system integrator who configured everything, down to the last detail. So we now have all kinds of scene settings, not just an evening and a day mode, but also separate scenes for a summer- versus a winter evening. Each mood comes with different lighting, temperature, and a different kind of music. About every room has a fireplace which is also part of the scenarios. This allows us to welcome our customers in the best conditions.’

Massive time savings

Meanwhile, Porters is completely convinced of TELETASK home automation. ‘For me, it is the best way to effortlessly create a warm nest feeling,’ he explains. ‘I used to spend up to an hour turning all the switches at the lamp bases on and off. This is no longer necessary: when a customer visits, I can simply select the desired atmosphere and everything is perfectly set right away. A huge time saver! It is also very handy that I can operate everything remotely, simply with my phone. That way, I can even let customers enter a cosily-lit house while I'm still on my way to the demo house. In addition, the sensors also provide great comfort. Thanks to the motion sensors, for example, the light turns on automatically when you go up and down the stairs, or when you pass through the corridor. Outside, there are light sensors that ensure the outdoor lights turn on when it gets dark. The touch panels are also very user-friendly - even for me! When Kasper is here, my partner, he prefers to use the remote control and especially the TELETASK app on his phone.’

Porters is now so excited about the TELETASK system that he eagerly shows it to visitors. 'When people realize how easy it is to use, they often want it in their homes for its convenience and the built-in energy management along with it. I definitely recommend it because it's built to last, very practical, and easily adjustable - perfect.'