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Electro business opts for an accessible home automation system for building and showroom

PROlectro is an ambitious electro company that not only carries out projects but also runs two sales offices. The largest one was recently thoroughly renovated so that customers can now visit a brand-new showroom. A central home automation system controls all techniques and is also present in the showroom as a demo for customers.

"When the demand for integrated home automation increased, we started looking for a good system," says Thomas Van Kerrebrouck, manager of PROlectro. "Our approach was always to offer affordable home automation solutions for every ‘quality’ home, not only for large villas but also for regular state-of-the-art houses and apartments. That's what we found at TELETASK. You can perfectly start with the basics so that it's hardly more expensive than an ordinary electrical installation. Later on, you can gradually add more functionalities."

Easy to use and install

According to PROlectro, TELETASK is an ideal solution: easy to install, with extensive integration capabilities and yet affordable. "It is a very user-friendly system, that you can expand as you wish," explains Thomas Van Kerrebrouck. Other home automation systems are either very expensive or very limited and/or unreliable. Hence our choice for TELETASK - not only in our offer to our customers but also for our own building and showroom in Beernem."

Brand-new showroom

PROlectro currently has two locations: in Bruges and in Beernem. At the premises in Beernem, the former shop area was demolished and a completely new facility was constructed, which opened its doors at the end of October 2023.

"The new showroom covers some 700 m2 where we focus mainly on customer experience," explains Thomas Van Kerrebrouck. "Customers get a sample here of the products and systems we offer and that we can also install for them. There is not only a kitchen on display with all the appliances, but also a department with all kinds of technical systems - from solar panels and heat pumps to water softeners and air conditioning. Customers can also check out the home automation controls. It is not just a show model but really a working system, as all the smart functions of our shop are controlled by TELETASK's technology. So there are control panels on display and a cabinet with technical interfaces with Plexiglas in front of it."

A fully integrated TELETASK system controls everything

All lighting in the revamped showroom is now controlled via DALI interfaces. The access control system is also from TELETASK. But that's not all: the air conditioning and audio are integrated into TELETASK, as are the alarm system, camera surveillance (CCTV) and video door phone. "We use about every available TELETASK interface," says Thomas Van Kerrebrouck. "On a large MAIOR touchscreen, we can control all the lighting points via an overview map of the shop. The TV showroom also has an AURUS touch panel that allows us to easily dim the lights individualy, turn down the audio system volume and control the projectors to demonstrate them to customers."

Easy operation via touch screens

For customers, the new retail space is a great asset, as they can really experience how home automation works. For PROlectro employees themselves, the smart home electronics are also a nice upgrade. Everyone working in the shop can control everything via the user-friendly touch screens. This is very easy, as 'moods' have already been predefined so that it is usually just a matter of choosing 'shop open' or 'shop close' to start the desired temperature, lighting and music volume in one go.

Thomas Van Kerrebrouck: "Only myself and my associates have the TELETASK mobile app so that we can also manage the integrated functions remotely. For example, we can also adjust the clock settings of an access badge or completely delete a badge (via the PC app), when it is lost."

Strategic choice

PROlectro is very happy with the strategic choice to work with TELETASK. Meanwhile, several customer projects have already been completed and everything is going according to plan. The company also continues to work with TELETASK domotics for its own use. For example, for new warehouses, housing, offices and rental modules. PROlectro will take the same approach for new branches.

No more traditional electrical installations

"We do not even install traditional electricity for our customers anymore," says Thomas Van Kerrebrouck. "We want to do things future-proof and convince people to opt immediately for a solid foundation that can evolve with them later. Energy transition is an important factor in this respect. Just think about charging stations and the smart control of your energy consumption. By linking everything together and using the TELETASK built-in EMS system, you not only increase your comfort but also reduce your energy bill. Not an unnecessary luxury!"

And let's not forget to mention the win on sustainability. Perhaps the most important one because a TELETASK system is much more than just a financial consideration.

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