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Delta Light installs smart-controlled lighting in its own production halls

Delta Light is a Belgian company that is internationally renowned as a manufacturer of architectural lighting. When Delta Light decided to modernize the lighting in its production halls, the company opted for something extra: smart-controlled LED lighting. The result: increased convenience for the technical team, comfort for the production employees, and a lower energy bill.


Conscious choice for the latest technology

As a high-end lighting company, Delta Light always wants to work with the latest products and installations. This was evident during the renewal of the lighting in several production halls.

"We wanted to switch to more energy-efficient lighting," says Jens Desimpelaere, facility manager at Delta Light. "We decided to also go for a home automation system so that we could easily control the newest lamps. TELETASK's technology was perfectly suited for this."

Control via smartphone and tablet

The integrated home automation of TELETASK allows you to control everything with an app on your smartphone or tablet. "We have integrated various functions into the TELETASK home automation. For example, we can now open and close the sliding gates via the app, as well as the shutters, wall sockets, and lighting in several offices," explains Jens Desimpelaere.

Open technology works together with other brands

Extra advantage why Delta Light chose TELETASK was the openness of the technology. This allows TELETASK products to work seamlessly with existing components from other brands - particularly the push buttons - so Delta Light didn't have to replace them.

‘We discovered that TELETASK's offerings are certainly not limited to the residential market, but can also handle our production halls,’ says Jens Desimpelaere. ‘Additionally, we found it important to partner with a Belgian company for this project, just like us. The fact that we are both partners of Stagobel, a supplier of electrical installation materials, made our collaboration even easier.’

Always the proper light due to sensor technology

In the production halls and warehouse halls, natural daylight enters through domes, but in addition, Delta Light now has home automation-controlled lighting that works with light sensors. If there is insufficient daylight, the lighting dims on automatically. Conversely, the LED lights dim or turn off completely when there is enough daylight.

When production stops at the end of the workday, all lighting also switches off automatically. From that point on, the passage lighting activates: the lights turn on when someone passes a certain point in the hall. This lighting remains on until the person exits.

Ease of use, comfort, and cost savings

Due to the smart automation using sensors, Delta Light increases the ease of use and comfort for the employees, and the company can also save a lot of energy.

‘It is a very user-friendly solution,’ confirms Jens Desimpelaere. ‘Our technical service employees all received training at Stagobel for programming the TELETASK system. The installation was very easy and quick. After reading the DALI interface, they could immediately start programming. The people working in the production halls now also enjoy much more natural daylight.’

Easy to configure

TELETASK home automation is known for its stylish control panels and the ability to create unlimited scenes. However, these were not the objectives for this business project.

"For a residential home, those atmospheres are fantastic," says Jens Desimpelaere. "For companies like Delta Light, it's more about the ease of use and programming of the system. I've experienced that other home automation systems are often complex, requiring you to hire a programmer to analyse or rewrite code. The TELETASK systems are very easy to use. You can even perfectly program it yourself as an end user."