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NZE (Nearly-Zero-Energy) buildings

TELETASK is proud to be the first home automation company to cary the Belgian BEN logo

To adapt to the European regulations advised to the different countries, TELETASK has not been waiting until new rules become obliged in 2020. To make our housing and building sector more energy friendly, based on the Europe 2020 goals, the Belgian/Flemish government recently generated new rules and obligations for new 

houses, apartments and buildings who need to comply with the new energy requirements. They focus on the total energy consumed by constructions. To avoid penalties from the authorities, architects and technical engineers/designers need to comply their projects to it. At the same time as a promotion to the general public in Belgium, recently a BEN (= NZE = Nearly Zero Energy buildings) logo and campaign was launched by the government.

TELETASK is proud to announce that from September 2016 on, we are the first home automation company who obtained the right to use the BEN logo in its marketing and communication. After a study of the energy control algorithm built- in in the TELETASK DoIP systems, it is proven that a project with a TELETASK system can be configured to realise the utmost possible energy management in small to large projects. Everybody becomes a winner because for the owner the energy consumption is at its lowest, while the system integrator and the architect can offer a green building. The result for the community is a substantial decrease of energy consumption with a lower pollution (CO2 exhaust...) as one of the main results.

See more below about our finalised energy management research program and what has been integrated in the TELETASK DoIP systems to help you realise this in your own projects.