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6 reasons to choose TELETASK

One of the most significant benefits of home automation is making your life easier and more comfortable. But there’s a big difference between the different home automation systems available today. While some systems are highly functional, they just don’t look pleasing to the eye. Others offer a fantastic look but are very complex to operate (or program) or require regular maintenance. This article will explain how TELETASK consistently combines functionality with aesthetics and offers many other advantages.


1. Over 35 years of experience


Founded in 1984, TELETASK today has experience in thousands of projects in over 40 countries.

Founder Johan Vander Beken's “eureka moment” came as early as the 1970s when, as an engineering student, he started developing the lighting control system for a progressive interior design business.

"While working on the control system for an interior design showroom, I realised that such a system would also be useful in large private homes. In the early years of TELETASK, central control was limited mainly to lighting, blinds, and shutters. Image and comfort were the top sales arguments because people were not yet concerned with energy in terms of cost savings or environmental awareness. That is completely different today.”

Today, home automation users indeed care a lot more about cost and energy savings, safety, and comfort. In addition, they want a user-friendly and design-oriented system. Therefore, we design all TELETASK products to look timeless and exclusive while lasting several decades. That’s a real added value for your smart home.

Additionally, we have been able to build an extensive certified network of distribution offices and local skilled system integrators over the years. So there is always an experienced TELETASK specialist nearby!

Johan Vander Beken: "Our distributors know the local electrical sector inside out and are our spokespeople. We expect them to obtain our certificates and become TELETASK product specialists. We also organise regular webinars to keep them up-to-date, and they receive additional technical and commercial documentation almost every week.”



2. Usability


At TELETASK, we make no compromises when it comes to user-friendliness. All our user interfaces are easy to use so that everyone can work with them efficiently. After all, home automation aims to make your life easier. We keep that promise by developing intuitive products for every age and mid-to high-end target group.

For example, you can prepare your home for the night at the touch of one button. Your comfort always comes first!


3. Performance


Because we work exclusively with high-quality materials, we can assure you that your TELETASK domotics system will continue to operate as new. Even after decades! This is possible because your system can evolve in a modular way, adapting to the latest features on the market.


4. Timeless appeal


At TELETASK, functionality goes hand in hand with style. Our products are designed to add value to your house or building and look timeless and exclusive. Yet, they are also discreet and functional.

Wherever possible, we adapt our offer to your personal preferences. For example, our products are available in multiple colours and sizes.



5. Sustainability


Sustainability always comes first whenever we develop a new TELETASK module. Our systems are becoming more intelligent, reducing our customers' energy consumption. For example, the TELETASK system can dynamically react when it needs to control and switch on or off lighting, ventilation, blinds, household appliances, electric water boilers, heat pumps, electric vehicle chargers, etc. The integration of our system with your digital meters is an excellent example. It ensures you use your solar panels’ green energy as much as possible and limits peak loads.

“Sustainability is in our company’s DNA,” says founder Johan Vander Beken. “TELETASK continuously pushes for more sustainability by focusing on optimal residential energy use through built-in intelligence. In addition, we do not use plastic in our packaging. After installation on site, 99.9% of the cardboard and paper are recyclable. Even the flex tubes of our data cables consist of +50% recycled plastic. A world’s first!

Our systems permanently save energy for tens of thousands of families by adding intelligence to their increasingly green homes. Every smart home counts! Even if your home technology is complex, TELETASK can provide a specialised solution.


6. Support and after-sales service


One of TELETASK's greatest strengths is its outstanding customer service: from the conceptual study of your project to its installation and commissioning phase. But even years after your TELETASK home automation system has been installed, you can rely on our international network of selected import/distribution partners and certified system integrators.


Would you like to turn your house into a smart home with increased comfort, extra security, and an exceptionally sustainable footprint? Then contact one of the TELETASK distributors in your area for a chat, no strings attached!