Campus Glorieux Prepares student - system integrators of the Future

Located in Ronse, Belgium, in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes, you'll find Campus Glorieux Secondary. With an eye on tomorrow, this school creates a challenging living and learning environment that prepares its students from the home automation program for the future. Campus Glorieux Secondary aims for harmonious development for every young person and provides them with the opportunity to grow in learning.

A Future-Proof Learning Environment

Under the leadership of Technical and Didactic Director Kenneth Labiau, and thanks to the tireless efforts of the entire teaching staff, the practical laboratories in the fields of electricity and electrical engineering underwent a complete renovation and makeover. Cutting-edge technologies were implemented in the practical spaces in a forward-thinking manner. The students in the home automation program installed the TELETASK home automation system to control their workstations. They developed their own commissioning system with various features, such as signaling and time functions, to ensure workspace safety. Through the tablet app, the teacher can monitor the workstations, and the status of each workstation is visualized through signal lights built into the distribution boards.

TELETASK as a Tool in Home Automation Education

Students in vocational and technical STEM programs, such as home automation, can create their final projects around TELETASK. Campus Glorieux Secondary invested in a TELETASK demo installation for this purpose. Based on their own home concept, students can design, program, and commission a complete TELETASK system for controlling the available technologies. It's an excellent exercise for their future careers as electrical contractors and system integrators.

Considering TELETASK for Your Home Automation Education?

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