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Unique: get inspired in our virtual showroom

Do you want to introduce end-users or (interior) architects to the many possibilities of TELETASK home automation? To inspire them to create a smart home or office with a lot of comfort, security and energy management? From now on, you can do this anywhere, anytime, in our virtual showroom. It’s brand new and the very first in the world of home automation.


Our virtual showroom is much more than just a collection of images of products linked to datasheets. No, when you surf to our showroom, you enter a virtual rendering of our physical showroom, photo-realistic in 3D, offering a range of end-user video tutorials with plenty of application ideas. You don’t just visit a simple website, but a unique, inspiring experience with lots of video information.  


First, Johan Vander Beken, managing director of TELETASK, gives you a warm welcome. Then a voice will guide you through the virtual showroom, from solution to solution. In English, Dutch, or French, but later, more languages will be added. After some general explanation about TELETASK’s home automation portfolio, the actual virtual visit will start.


Tons of information and inspiration

The visitor virtually strolls through the showroom at their own pace, via simple mouse control, from one solution in our home automation range to the next: touch-sensitive keypads, an access control reader, an app to control an entire building, and so on.


For each product, the visitor can watch a video where someone uses the solution. Meanwhile, the guiding voice informs the visitor extensively about its use and possibilities and inspires all kinds of interesting applications in a smart home or office. Without technical details: we focus, especially initially, on end-users and (interior) architects.


At the same time, the visitor can adjust the colour of the displayed panels. In this way, they discover how the panels remain a delight to the eye, also in other shades. On top of that, the visitor can flawlessly assess how our home automation solutions can seamlessly blend into their ideal interior.



Conduct more sales talks

After walking through the virtual showroom, the visitor not only knows all our home automation solutions, but they will also have a clear idea of what these products can achieve. This way, they will be fully inspired to create comfortable and extraordinary interiors in a smart home or office. 


At the same time, this innovation helps the TELETASK distributor and system integrator. They no longer have to explain all the features and possibilities of our home automation products from scratch from now on. Prospects already received this explanation in full during their visit to the virtual showroom. As a salesperson, you can concentrate more on the commercial part and close the deal more quickly so you can also have more sales meetings per day. 


Representatives can also use our showroom as a virtual exhibition stand, with one or more of their employees logged in. The visitor can have a video chat with them to ask questions or to discuss their project immediately. Or they can leave their contact details so the TELETASK country dealer can contact them or forward the contact to a local TELETASK system integrator. The virtual showroom is available on desktop or laptop (Windows and Apple). Due to the need of hardware 3D resources, the platform doesncurrently run on mobile devices.  
This way, on a larger PC screen, you experience the visit precisely as intended.  


Ready for a great experience?

Then walk into this virtual showroom for a unique experience packed with information and inspiration about excellent home automation for exceptional living and working environments full of comfort, safety and luxury. Brought to you by what is still the ‘trendsetter in home automation’, even after 37 years: TELETASK. 


Both during COVID and beyond, it is an attractive, innovative tool for meeting potential customers without travelling. Safe, sustainable and efficient in all respects.

As a TELETASK partner, be sure to spread the word to reach end-users and architects for a virtual visit. Will you contribute to this? Feel free to contact us, so we can brainstorm together and come up with inspiring ideas (contact or your local TELETASK distributor).