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TELETASK: Also growing in China

Two new showrooms in China

In China, too, people are choosing the comfort and security of the TELETASK home automation system. In order to fully demonstrate its capabilities, we opened two more exclusive showrooms opened in this vast country.

Firstly, TELETASK has been established in Guangzhou, the capital of China's Guangdong Province. It was there that the distributor TISI Technology opened a 150m² (1500sqf) exhibition area on August 1, 2021. It is an addition to the other new 300 m² (3000sqf) exhibition space which has been opened in Suzhou since last October, a city in the economically important Jiangsu Province. Both showrooms are located at a state-of-the-art shopping center of high-quality home interior solutions.

Showroom in Guangzhou

From Guangzhou and Suzhou, TELETASK now also wants to offer its home automation system and technical support in the cities and surrounding provinces. After all, many potential customers live in these areas. TELETASK is also supported in the west of China from TISI headquarters in Chongqing.


What is there to discover?

Anyone visiting the new exhibition areas will be greeted most professionally by the receptionist. They inform the visitor extensively about TELETASK, its history, and, of course, the many functions that can be integrated and controlled with the home automation system: lighting, curtains, ambient temperature, audio, cameras ... Many functions are on display, along with the touch panels and screens, ready for a unique made-in-Europe experience in TELETAK wonderland.

Showroom in Suzhou

Integrators visiting the showrooms quickly notice the differences between TELETASK and other home automation solutions. TELETASK offers some clear advantages: an extremely stable and reliable system, a unique design with ceramics based capacitive touch technology, a high degree of integration, a simple topology and easy scalability. Designers and end users are impressed by the interfaces and their flexibility with remote service operations.


Already a great success!

Since their establishment, the showrooms have already received more than a hundred project requests. If interested parties leave their contact details, with a plan of their home and an overview of their wishes and needs, they receive a general plan for integration and an offer within three to five days. No less than 95% of the visitors are very satisfied! And that stimulates our China team for more to come...

Training in Chongqing