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NEW solution for HVAC home automation

Thanks to the new wired HVAC PLUGs, you can integrate split-based HVAC systems with the TELETASK home automation system. This solution is price-friendly and doesn’t need IR communication. The residents can control the air conditioning from glass design panels and from their mobile app.

Of course, HVAC systems have already been integrated with the TELETASK home automation system for a long time, for example, via the TDS14065 IR solution. This is ideal for controlling smaller air conditioning units that communicate with the TELETASK system via infrared transmitters/receivers. But if the indoor unit is hidden in the ceiling, there is no IR input available and the new PLUG unit may be a better solution for you.

TELETASK now offers a new solution for the integration of (multi)split HVAC systems over IP. The combination of an HVAC HUB (TDS20068, including TDS15200 license) and one to ten HVAC PLUG units (TDS20067xx ) is a perfect solution for medium size HVAC projects. With the new HVAC PLUG, you can integrate up to ten indoor units, while with the universal interface HVAC interface TDS20065 there are hardly any limits.

The installation can be completely concealed so that the architect can develop stunning interiors with smaller HVAC installations free from distracting infrared transmitters/receivers, and with an acceptable price tag. The user, on the other hand, can control his HVAC installation via TELETASK's stylish touch panels or the iSQUI app on a smartphone, with voice control, etc ...

How does it work, and what are the possibilities?

Up to ten HVAC PLUG units communicate with the HVAC HUB, which also has a LAN connection to communicate with the TELETASK central unit. The HVAC PLUG itself is brand-related (different types are available, see list below) and connected to the indoor unit.

The PLUG units can be connected to each other and to the HVAC HUB using a 2-wire (+ mass) shielded twisted pair cable. So the connection is not wireless, but that means fewer issues after the sale (good news for the system integrator and the end-users). The wire diameter can be between 0.25 and 0.5 mm² and it can be up to 1000 m long.

Once integrated, the users can control the HVAC installation via the TELETASK home automation system. They can individually turn the air conditioning or heating on or off in the different HVAC zones, set the desired temperature, change the ventilation speed, and set the swing mode. All with the additional integration power of TELETASK. Think of setting moods, clock-based actions, etc...

The HVAC system can also be controlled in the familiar TELETASK ways, including voice control, mobile phone app, AURUS-OLED, AURUS-TEMP, AURUS-TFT, OPUS, GUI+, CONTROL TOWER, etc...

What about room temperature read-out?

An important difference with the universal HVAC interface TDS20065 is that with the PLUG/HUB combination, the user cannot have room temperature feedback from the HVAC units. If this is important, you can use the universal HVAC interfaces TDS20065 instead.


Compatible with numerous HVAC-systems

TELETASK offers a specific PLUG unit for each supported brand of HVAC systems: Daikin, Daikin Siesta series, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric, Sanyo, Toshiba, Panasonic, Panasonic Capra, Mitsubishi Heavy, Hitachi, Midea, LG, Gree (two types), and Samsung. Also, the PLUG units support the popular split systems listed below, among others.

The list of supported HVAC systems is, in fact, even longer because some private label manufacturers use the same internal hardware. So it may well be possible that a user's HVAC system is not listed here, and yet is supported. Please check with your TELETASK supplier.


Do you want to know more about this new solution?

Then be sure to consult the datasheet of the HVAC HUB (TDS20068) and PLUG (TDS20067xx) for all technical information. Or visit the professional website and check for TDS20067xx/TDS20068 for an overview of the installation flow. This intermediate solution between VRF/VRV and infrared systems is ideal for the residential market. For a beautiful interior without disturbing elements, at an acceptable price, with all the possibilities of the TELETASK home automation system.