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How TELETASK protects the privacy of its users

Does home automation rhyme with data security? Many consumers wonder about the safety of home automation and the extent to which their data and smart home are safe from hackers and other suspicious parties. This article provides more information on how TELETASK protects your security.


Much has been written about privacy, cyber security, and data protection in recent years. And now that we’re all working from home more often following the pandemic, the risks of data leaks have only increased. Therefore, it is no surprise that consumers have more questions about their privacy and digital security.

One of the most common concerns is that cybercriminals can easily hack into home automation systems and access personal data and applications in smart residences.


All connections are TLS-encrypted.

The "Internet of Things" (IoT), a method that lets devices communicate with other devices and systems via an Internet connection, makes it possible to create intelligent buildings while increasing the comfort of their residents.

But an intelligent IoT network gives users little control over the security protocols of their installations and devices. Often, Internet of Things networks are not or not optimally secured. Each sensor or actor is often wireless and connected to the cloud, increasing the risks tens or even hundreds of times. And a wireless intelligent thermostat can tell a hacker if people are at home or not... So it’s better not to take any risks. 

TELETASK systems, on the other hand, offer a wired solution in your home or building. A wired solution is not only more reliable but also much more secure. In addition, there is only one soft link to the Internet (instead of dozens or hundreds), and TELETASK always protects connections with TLS, among other things. This protocol encrypts data on the one hand and authorises each connection to guarantee a high level of security on the other.



TTCloud is fully secured. Your data remains private.

Our cloud connections (TTCloud), which we use to remotely control smart homes and buildings via smartphone, desktop, or tablet, are protected by a highly secure TLS encryption, too. That means you are also adequately protected outside your home network. 

TTCloud allows users to connect to the TELETASK app to monitor and control their home automation applications from anywhere in the world. Besides, TELETASK has an additional advantage: with secured Remote Access, system integrators can remotely maintain and upgrade your TELETASK installation. Extremely efficient!

Incidentally, the data in TTCloud is not shared with third parties, other than your system integrator. So you can count on your data to remain private at all times.


A local setup is also possible.

However, you are by no means obligated to work with data in TTCloud: with TELETASK, you can communicate only locally (in the house or building). In that case, your system will not be connected to the cloud, fully functioning only via your local network.

The advantage? You 100% control your home's integrated devices and systems without connecting to the outside world.

The limitation? You cannot control your smart home installation remotely. That's why almost every TELETASK customer worldwide uses the standard, highly secured TELETASK smartphone app. It’s the best of both worlds: safe and convenient!


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