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Free of charge IR remote control with every AURUS-OLED

Since September 2019 TELETASK ships every AURUS-OLED with an IR-remote control included in the box. 
TELETASK is the only home automation manufacturer with an IR-receiver by default built in it’s full AURUS touch panel family. As people very much appreciate the ease and speed of use of this remote control (no delays, no password, no need for WiFi or 4G…) and our exclusivity of it, we want to further promote this unique feature. About all of our customers have iSGUI license on their smart phones, but once you are sitting in your chair, on your home office desk or looking TV in your bed (you don’t do that, we know 😊 ) everybody gets lazy and the IR remote is a gift to keep in control of your environment. And all without passwords, face recognition, regular battery charging, and… it’s free of charge with the AURUS-OLED from now on.

Remark: OPUS and MAIOR are not AURUS-family members and have no IR receiver built-in.