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The best of an old and new world combined under a candy-cane pink roof

Dali. Princes Grace of Monaco. The Beatles. Elton John. These are only a few of the prominent people who were once guests at the world-famous hotel Negresco in Nice. Even today, the belle-époque hotel still treats famous and less famous guests to a sophisticated lifestyle and chic soirées. Recently, a state-of-the-art lighting control system from TELETASK added a modern visual touch to its timeless façade.

Your search for the ideal romantic hotel for a stay on the French Riviera doesn’t need to be long. Located close to Nice's most popular attractions – such as the Sainte-Reparate Cathedral and Place Garibaldi – the hotel exudes the grandeur of classic Nice, where pleasure, relaxation and comfort were elevated to an art form. Today the Negresco welcomes its guests in one of its 102 rooms and 26 suites, each of which surprises with its own style ranging from Louis XIII to contemporary art. The grand café, star restaurant and bistro also contribute to a timeless experience that might surprise even the most demanding traveler.

Optimal illumination of the façade accentuates grandeur

Thanks to a well-thought-out application of home automation, the hotel Negresco adds another facet to its splendor. Brand new façade spots highlight the timeless lines of the building and are controlled via a small but sophisticated lighting control system with TELETASK PICOS central unit and DALI interface. An astronomical clock ensures optimal control of time cycles, light intensity and colour temperature to complement the rhythm of natural light.

Unique lighting experience puts the cherry on the cake

On special occasions, the TELETASK system transforms the façade above the hotel entrance into a themed light festival. For example, the façade was coloured blue, white and red on the national day of France, and bathed in green for Ireland’s St. Patrick's Day. In October the hotel Negresco supports the international Think-Pink campaign with a thematic pink light accent. The hotel’s attention to the smallest details is also illustrated by the automatic switching off of the white spots above the entrance when the thematic lighting is activated. In the future, hotel Negresco will continue to add more thematic colours (scenes or moods) to its majestic façade. Thus the TELETASK lighting control system ensures that guests can enjoy an even more complete experience of their stay in the heart of Nice.

What is this LED lighting control composed of?

This beautiful realisation was achieved with only a few components, like the PICOS TDS10009 with power supply TDS10132 coupled to a DALI interface TDS13621. For daily operation, standard push buttons are connected to the contact inputs of the PICOS control unit. The PROSOFT software controls the pre-programmed and the thematic scenes and offers a choice between manual and automatic operation. In the latter case, the software provides an astronomical clock-based control.
The lighting control system at the hotel Negresco proves a TELETASK installation doesn't always have to be sizeable to produce an impressive result. The next time you visit Nice… it's definitely worth waiting for nightfall near the hotel Negresco!

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Courtesy of the hotel Negresco in Nice and special thanks to Cap Horn Électricité.