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Light Control

The future is now

Light. Essential. In your house or project. TELETASK offers a full range of solutions to control and integrate all light circuits in your smart home and smart building projects. From classic to trendy. From one to 5000 circuits.

Today there is an endless range of light sources available for building applications. Halogen spots, fluorescent lights, LED, colour-LED, multi-colour LED, RGBW, ... for indoor and outdoor. The type of light goes from natural light to functional lighting, architectural lighting and ambient lighting.

Examples of functional lighting are orientation- , garden- , emergency- , under-water lighting, etc… So don’t just say ‘light’, because there is a whole world of it.



Light circuits are basically controllable by means of on/off switching, dimming and colour-control.

Thanks to the TELETASK home automation system, it is possible to manage light by means of a push button, but also from a motion sensor, light sensor, presence sensor, touch panel, touch screen, smart phone, tablet, PC, … . On top of it, with the TELETASK system, all this can be done local or from remote site. For a light, a room, a house, a range of houses or even up to a whole smart village.

Nobody needs all the above, but TELETASK offers solutions for everyone.



TELETASK won’t be able to make a lamp shine better, but the extra we offer is the integration of all lights with the other integrated systems like heating, cooling, heat recovery ventilation, curtains, shades, gates, music, …. With one click you can even control them all together at once (e.g. when going to bed).

A higher level of comfort, safety and full energy management is the result of this integration.
That’s what it’s all about.
When you have a high number of lights and other systems in your house, it will become too difficult or ask too much of time to manage without integration. Integration means also simple wiring and a high flexibility during the full lifetime.


Switching and dimming

You can control the lights using a simple button. A dim button gives you the possibility to both switch and dim. When fading out dimmed lights, the TDS system will automatically remember the former dim level. The system is also intelligent. Even after a power interruption, the system will remember the last status of each of your lights and will reset the light levels to the former level when power returns or when you activate it again by yourself.




Ambient lights can determine the mood in a room. With your TELETASK system you can call any pre-set scene by clicking the dedicated mood- button, independent of the number of light circuits to be controlled in such a mood.

A scene button can be extended with a “step”-function so you can call up to 10 different scenes with one push button. You ‘walk’ through the available scenes by every new click. You may like this to limit the number of buttons on your wall and keep a powerful solution as simple as possible.

And when you click it longer, all lights fade out. Because a button can behave different when you just touch it short, then when clicking a bit longer (1.5seconds). Short clicking may be configured to switch a light. But a longer push on the same button, may switch off all the lights in that room… It’s just one of the many possibilities to make life more easy and comfortable.

TELETASK has used the same ideology for its AURUS range of special design touch panels and touch screens. They contain a high quantity of buttons on a limited surface. They also offer feed-back of the controlled lights and other circuits. Light control can be done from one or more touch panels in the room, house or project. When having a lot of different functions in a room, using touch panels will offer a higher comfort. Only one style of buttons also leaves your walls stylish and sober, makes cabling simpler and offers a higher reliability and flexibility.

Also RGB multi-colour control is a piece of cake with TELETASK. Special functions make the colour control fast, easy to use and efficient. Thanks to the GUI application you have a colour pallet on your touch screen. Simple and stylish.