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PICOS is a DIN-rail central unit for entry level, full featured, integration applications. It's a compact, but very powerful, central unit. It is a 100% DoIP (Domotics over IP) central unit and allows all TELETASK integration possibilities such as the use of AURUS touch panels, visualisation on smartphones and tablets, E-mail and SMS messages, audio over IP control, access control, etc... 

Typical applications are smart apartments, homes, hotel rooms etc. In large projects, PICOS can be the default solution provided by the project developer, but if desired by the buyer, the installation can always be extended in a modular way.

The unit has one AUTOBUS and one Ethernet connection, 20 inputs for voltage free contacts, 2 analog TDS sensor inputs, 16 relay contact outputs 10A/265V and 4 dimmer control outputs (0-10V). The power supply (12V) is external.

See the technical data sheet for more informpation.

dots Specifications
Order reference TDS10009
Max. number of AUTOBUSES 1
Max. number of linked DoIP central units 10
Relays (internal) 16
Dimmer control outputs 0-10V 4
Digital inputs (internal) 20
TELETASK sensor inputs (internal) 2
Max. number of ‘Input’ + ‘Output’ interfaces on AUTOBUS 31 (See datasheet for more details)
Max. number of total inputs (internal + extensions on AUTOBUS) 500
Max. number of total outputs (internal + extensions on AUTOBUS) 24 relay outputs, 12 dimmer outputs, 4 motor outputs
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Leaflet PICOS
Datasheet TDS10009
PICOS Brochure